Tools Used By Top Performers to Stay Calm and Focused

 5 Tools Used By Top Performers to Stay Calm and FocusedIf you’re looking to be a top performer at work but you’re finding yourself held back by not being able to get a full grip on your emotions, read on.Being able to remain calm and manage your emotions is something that up to 90% of top performers are capable of. What’s … [Read more...]

Hypnosis To Reduce Anxiety Around Childbirth

Childbirth is a natural process, but there is no denying that for some women it can be a painful and traumatic one.While every woman is excited about bringing a new baby into the world, most expectant mothers admit to a level of anxiety and fear about actually giving birth. This is particularly true of first time mothers, who are unsure of what … [Read more...]

Hypnotherapy Help for Conception

When you’re planning a baby, you’re excited!But what if it doesn’t happen? Then those feelings of excitement can quickly change to stress and worry – even if you know that it takes most people a year or more to conceive. Those feelings of stress and worry can impact your fertility, making it even harder for you to conceive, and trapping you in … [Read more...]

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

 One of the most addictive habits that can be stopped surprisingly easily with hypnotherapy is smoking. Can you believe that a habit that may have dogged you for many years can be stopped in a single session of hypnotherapy? Well, it can! Stop smoking with hypnosis.Many smokers have tried hopelessly for years to give up. Are you one of them? … [Read more...]