Depersonalisation Disorder Hypnotherapy

Feeling detached or disconnected from your life? This could be depersonalisation disorder, and hypnotherapy can help

Hypnotherapy for depersonalisation disorder

Sometimes it’s possible for us all to experience a moment of depersonalisation – the disturbing feeling that your life is not your own.

But for some this feeling of disorientation can last much longer and happen more frequently.

If you are suffering from depersonalisation disorder then you may often, or even constantly, feel that you are detached from your own body and/or mind. Sufferers’ have described it as like living in a dream or movie, or as if there is some kind of screen between you and the world.

Living with depersonalisation disorder

This can cause difficulties with everyday life – it’s difficult for you to carry out normal activities as you feel no real control, or that you are operating on automatic. The lack of engagement can make it hard to concentrate, or to react emotionally.

For some this can feel like living in a surreal world. Others feel the type of fear common with panic attacks and paroxysmal anxiety.

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Symptoms of Depersonalisation Disorder

Symptoms of depersonalisation disorder may include

  • feeling disconnected from your body – as if you were not fully occupying it
  • the sense of a lack of control of your speech or physical movements
  • detachment from your thoughts or emotions
  • feeling like you are merely going through the motions of life
  • feeling like you are not really involved in activities or fully experiencing life
  • a loss of connection with your own identity
  • a sense that your reflection is not your own
  • feeling that you do not relate to the people and things around you
  • feeling like you are in a dream
  • Out of body experiences

If you feel you may be suffering from depersonalisation disorder, please visit your GP to explore solutions.

Hypnotherapy can help with Depersonalisation Disorder

One approach to depersonalisation disorder is hypnotherapy. If your depersonalisation disorder has been triggered by some kind of trauma or severe emotion, we can explore that and star the healing process.

Hypnotherapy can reinforce the connection between the inner and outer self – the connection that has been lost in cases of depersonalisation disorder. It can help restore your sense of control and re-engage you in your own life.

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Do you want to deal with your depersonalisation disorder?

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