Ditch That Anxiety Workshop

 Another workshop in the series being offered by Liz Sharpe and Charles Whitaker as they help you explore common emotional states. This workshop is on anxiety. 

What does it feel like? You problem already know but do you know what happens inside your brain? In this workshop we explore how anxiety arises, how the different ways it affects us and above all helps you build some self help tools so that you can live a life free from anxiety.

This short 3 hour workshop worth £150 is priced at £37 provides a safe environment in which to learn these valuable skills.


For more info on your 2 programme facilitators please check:

www.liveyourlifetherapies.com  and  www.hypnotherapyweb.co.uk

Date Saturday, May 12th from 11 to 2

Location is next door to the Travelodge
Moto Service Station (London bound side)

Excellent parking

For questions or queries: contact Liz at [email protected] and Charles @[email protected]