Generating creative outcomes for a life free of anxiety.

I am Charles Whitaker a clinical hypnotherapist, working from  Longfield, Kent. I  also provide sessions online via Skype.

I believe that when people develop inner resilience they are more confident and empowered to face the challenges of life and are naturally less anxious so that is why I use my experience, skills and wisdom bringing approaches from healing and hypnotherapy combined with my inner listening to bring about changes that are right for you.

Professionally qualified

I qualified in hypnotherapy at London College of Hypnosis. Additionally, I am a qualified WSN counsellor, a registered SymbioDynamics™ Consultant and Lifemapper® Coach. Moreover, I am trained in PsyTap and am probably the only PsyTap practitioner in Kent as well as being an OldPain2Go practitioner.  And in case you want the closest I can get to content-free therapy then I am also qualified as Blueprint therapist. No need to be impressed by any of these. They are simply to indicate the breadth and depth of my training and that I am immensely versatile in how we can work towards your goal. I am a member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis, and follow their guidelines and code of ethics.


“My inspiration comes from working with people, seeing their inner light and helping them find their own solutions.”

Charles Whitaker

Healing Qualifications

In addition to my work as a hypnotherapist, I am also qualified as a Healer and a Shamanic Healer.

As a Brennan Healing Science practitioner, I can exploit our connection through a Universal Energy Field. By “tuning” into this field, I can “read” your body and discover what it is asking for. Your physical, mental and emotional concerns are underlined by energetic aspects and my training enables us to work on all of these together.

Find out more about Brennan Healing and how it might be able to help you.

“Healing … is simply helping yourself connect with the truth of your being”

From “Light Emerging”
by Barbara Brennan
former Nasa scientist

These healing techniques are particularly useful when working with you on deeper issues, to help explore the source of the problem and to gain a deeper sense of self.

The work of a shamanic practitioner is similar and is helpful for dealing with issues such as soul loss/retrieval and past life regression.

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I often combine the use of healing and hypnotherapy to give you a deeper, more lasting holistic outcome.

 “I believe that although we have become disconnected from our true nature, the inner spark remains and I am helping people rediscover that.”

Charles Whitaker