Hypnotherapy For Past Life Regression

Is it possible that past lives may still be influencing your life today? Hypnotherapy can help you find out.

Past Life Regression

While it’s often reported in the media as a form of entertainment, past life regression is actually a serious therapeutic tool that can help resolve stubborn issues in your life today.

There are a lot of theories about past life regression and how it works. Some people believe that our genetic make up includes memories of our previous lives – although we may not easily be able to access them.

Some people believe in reincarnation.

Others follow Jung’s belief that there is a universal part of the unconscious that we all share, and that regression can allow us to become aware of it.

And some believe that past life regression is a type of ‘dissociative’ experience, in which people who are struggling with difficulties create a kind of separate life in which they can deal with them.

Let hypnotherapy help you deal with past lives

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Therapy and past life regression

So what is the role of past life regression in therapy?

Past life regression is a technique that is sometimes used when you are struggling with an issue that has been impossible to resolve using other techniques. Sometimes these stubborn problems can be helped using the concept of past life. The roots of the problem will be buried deep in your unconscious. Uncovering what you are experiencing, and dealing with it, can have a positive effect on your current life.

Past life regression is not something to undertake lightly. It can be disturbing. So before starting past life regression, both you, and I need to be sure that your issues cannot be resolved without looking back in this way.

Undergoing past life regression

During past life regression, you will be in a relaxed, hypnotised state. I can guide you and support you, but the memories you will access will be your own. You will remember important moments in that life, and also the moment of death. These experiences can be difficult at times, which is why it’s important to only use past life regression in the course of proper therapy.

While accessing your past life, we may be able to identify issues that may be impacting you today. Together, we can heal the body and that past life. Or, if it’s more appropriate, we can break your ties you to that life, so that it is no longer an issue for you.

If we have accessed the right life (there are several) and resolved the issues, the problem you first came to me with should fade away. Or, sometimes, something in your life that didn’t really make sense to you, may now have new meaning, and can be dealt with. You can now put that past life behind you, knowing that you have left it in a better state – or that it can no longer negatively influence you.

Let hypnotherapy help you deal with past lives

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Let hypnotherapy help you deal with past lives

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