Improve Sports Performance With Hypnotherapy

Is your mind holding you back from sporting success? Hypnotherapy can improve sports performance and release your inner sports star.

Hypnotherapy can help you improve sports performance

So much of sports performance today is based on mental strength. When professional sportsmen and women are interviewed, they often give credit not just to their natural abilities and training, but also to their ability to stay strong internally.

One little secret that these stars do not often reveal is that one of the most important psychological tools they can use to build this strength is hypnotherapy.

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Hypnotherapy for mental strength

Hypnotherapy can increase mental control and confidence. By controlling their imagination, athletes are able to control their performance.

Structured imagery is very helpful, and can be done imaginatively. For example, an athlete may constantly picture success – and block images of defeat. The relaxed and suggestible state induced by hypnosis adds extra power to these mental exercises.

Did you know? 

Research has shown that if you imagine yourself taking part in a sport, your muscles react in a similar way to how they would react if you actually were doing that sport.

That’s the power of your imagination.

Hypnotherapy can help sports performance in seven key areas:

  • Access optimum state of performance
  • Set goals
  • Increase motivation
  • Increase self-belief and confidence
  • Increase focus
  • Support mental rehearsal
  • Reduce fear and anxiety

You don’t have to be an elite athlete to benefit from hypnotherapy for sport. My techniques work equally well for high-level competitors and recreational participants.

It’s about helping you to make the most of your chosen sport and compete at your optimum level – and enjoying it!

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