Natural Childbirth Hypnosis

If you are hoping for a drug-free and pain-free natural childbirth, hypnosis can help!

Hypnotherapy for Natural Childbirth

Many women dream of drug- and intervention-free childbirth, only to find that they are unable to cope with the pain and end up using the drugs, or needing the intervention that they wanted to avoid. There is nothing wrong with this – many women are grateful for the relief!

However, with a little forward planning, hypnosis may be able give you the drug- and intervention-free experience you are dreaming of.

Hypnosis is a non-invasive treatment that encourages a high level of relaxation and can help control pain during childbirth.

Relaxed childbirth

Being relaxed and calm is key to a natural childbirth. Hypnosis gives you the confidence to trust yourself and to work with your body, your partner and carers to give birth. Although you will be very relaxed, you will have no loss of alertness, You will be able to move around naturally, find positions that are comfortable and enjoy the full experience of giving birth.

Hypnosis for natural childbirth takes place during pregnancy and teaches you the techniques you can use to reduce the pain. The power of positive suggestions and beliefs about natural childbirth, as well as hypnosis techniques, will mean that you can relax physically and mentally for an easier, more comfortable birth.

You will be in complete control, focused on the birth, and yet relaxed.

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Hypnosis can control the pain

When you give birth using hypnotherapy, you will feel more relaxed and your pain will be controlled.

You will not resist your body’s needs, but will allow them to happen naturally, resulting in shorter, more comfortable labours.

Any fears and doubts will be replaced with calm and confidence for that life-changing labour experience you were dreaming of.

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Risk-free to try!

It’s easy and risk-free to find out how I can help you with your issues, with my FREE hypnotherapy taster sessions.

These short hypnotherapy sessions are free of charge and give you the opportunity to discuss your issues, and what you would like to achieve. You can ask me any questions you want!

What’s more, because results can be so rapid, you can try out my program with minimal investment. Results become more powerful with every session.

There is no obligation to continue for any longer than you want to. In the unlikely event that you find my hypnotherapy techniques don’t work for you, you simply stop.

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