Stop Nail Biting With Hypnotherapy

It’s one of the most common and persistent habits around – but with hypnotherapy you can stop nail biting!

Hypnotherapy can stop nail biting

If you are nail biter, you will know how hard it is to stop. Despite the unattractive appearance and the pain, it seems an impossible habit for you to break.

Hypnotherapy can change all that.

Not only for nail biting, but also for all similar persistent habits, including

  • hair pulling and twisting
  • skin picking
  • thumb sucking
  • all those other annoying habit

It doesn’t matter how long you have had the habit, or how entrenched you think it is – hypnotherapy is a real solution.

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Stop repeated behaviours

If you bite your nails, you probably do so unconsciously most of the time. It’s a behaviour you have repeated so many times that it’s natural and familiar. And now it’s a compulsive behaviour that you can’t stop, however much you wish you could – and however much the people around you tell you that you should!

My hypnotherapy program addresses your habit at an unconscious level – the level at which it occurs. I can show your brain that your habit is unwanted and unnecessary. We can discuss whether you would like to replace your habit with something more useful and appropriate – or simply stop it altogether.

Hypnotherapy is a quick and effective way to get rid of those habits that have been plaguing you for years. And what’s more, in the majority of cases, they never come back!

Are you ready to stop nail biting?

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Risk-free to try!

It’s easy and risk-free to find out how I can help you with your issues, with my FREE hypnotherapy taster sessions.

These short hypnotherapy sessions are free of charge and give you the opportunity to discuss your issues, and what you would like to achieve. You can ask me any questions you want!

What’s more, because results can be so rapid, you can try out my program with minimal investment. Results become more powerful with every session.

There is no obligation to continue for any longer than you want to. In the unlikely event that you find my hypnotherapy techniques don’t work for you, you simply stop.

Are you ready to stop nail biting?

Yes, I want to try a FREE session!