Shamanic Healing

The work of a shamanic practitioner is similar to healing.

What is Shamanic Healing?

Your health, mental and physical, depends on the flow and balance of the energy field in and around your body. Shamanic Healing is the process of optimizing this flow for optimum physical, mental and emotional health. Both Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine see good health as the smooth flow of energy around the body and both strive to open any blocked energy channels to promote health.

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How does Shamanic Healing work?

Any health issue, physical or emotional, can affect your energy field. These changes can affect your body and mind.
Healing is a very gentle, but powerful technique that cleanses, charges and balances your energy field, with a positive impact on your physical and mental state.

What happens at a Shamanic Healing session?

First, we will discuss why you feel you need healing. While you are resting comfortably, I will tune into your energy field to ‘listen’ to your body and ‘read’ what it is asking for. Then I will undertake the healing itself, rebalancing your energy and eliminating any obstructions, helping you to rebalance your life.

What type of problems can Shamanic Healing help with?

Shamanic healing is helpful for dealing with issues such as:

  • Soul loss
  • Repeated unhealthy patterns
  • Recovery from trauma
  • Overcoming feelings of estrangement and depersonalization
  • Past life regression

Shamanic healing is very empowering. It puts you in touch with deeper feelings and helps create a sense of wholeness, helping you feel more present and alive in your own life.

Ready for deeper feelings and a sense of wholeness?

Yes, tell me more!