My hypnotherapy workshops are ideal for business, but also can be done with other types of group. Workshops are held at your premises or location of choice at times mutually agreed.

In a workshop, participants work together, offering mutual support as they achieve their aims. Workshops are a powerful and entertaining way to effect change.

Booking is in advance and a minimum of 10 attendees is normally required. Workshops are suitable for all employees.

Please contact me to discuss how we can arrange a workshop designed for your specific needs.

Interested in a workshop for your business or group?

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Hypnotherapy Workshop: Stop Smoking

This single session workshop takes only 2 and a half hours.

I offer a complimentary CD for individual support afterwards – and, of course, you will have the ongoing encouragement of your workshop group.

This is a practical way to offer your staff and colleagues a healthier, happier smoke-free life.

Hypnotherapy Workshop: Stress Management

This half-day workshop begins with an explanation of what lies behind stress and how it can develop into a problem for individuals and businesses. You will learn how to identify stresses and how to deal with them effectively, as well as a range of relaxation and practical coping techniques.

This workshop is highly beneficial for business due to its ability to target sources of stress relevant to your workplace and your staff.

Hypnotherapy Workshop: Presenting with Confidence

This half-day workshop teaches you and your colleagues how to develop the confidence to deliver a great presentation. Hypnotherapy will help you feel confident and empowered in front of a crowd and you will also learn techniques for delivering a compelling presentation.

This workshop is the ideal way to help your staff to make more confident and effective presentations.

Hypnotherapy Workshop: Weight Loss/Hypnoslim

My Hypnoslim program is specifically designed to help groups support one another in their weight management journey. The program takes places over six two hour sessions and groups are kept small for privacy and mutual support. The progamme includes group discussion, presentation material, hypnosis sessions and and take-home activities.

Help your colleagues take control of their health and happiness.

Hypnotherapy Workshop: Empowerment

Strengthen yourself over two half-day workshops, working with a group of trusted colleagues and friends.

Give your colleagues the gift of empowerment to improve their work and private lives.

Hypnotherapy Workshop: Quantum Life Skills

This workshop incorporates techniques from hypnotherapy and shamanism to help you find truth and power in yourself. Explore your inner world, make change within yourself, open up to greater choices, increase your resilience and take charge of your own life.

These flexible workshops can be carried out over 2-5 days and are excellent for team-building and leadership.

Prices for workshops depend on numbers and location – contact me to get a quote.

Interested in a workshop for your business or group?

Yes, tell me more!