Hypnotherapy Testimonials

As you know I was planning to go on a once in a lifetime trip which involved 14 different flights plus a helicopter flight in New Zealand.

While I had been looking forward to the time in Australia and New Zealand I was certainly not looking forward to the flights and associated activities. These feelings were becoming so strong that the entire holiday was becoming a nightmare.

A friend who had managed to control a similar phobia with your help had suggested I contact you to obtain treatment.

Two consultations and some 'homework' resulted in me going off on holiday with no fears or trepidation and thoroughly enjoyed every part of the trip including the flights.

Many thanks for making my holiday a success and lifting a dark cloud from the picture.


“The difference in experience from flying previously was huge, I had been to the doctors to get some pills to help me relax if needed (my backup plan)... and I'm pleased to say they remained unopened and unused!

I’d just like to say how delighted I am with the outcome of the treatments, something that used to be such a huge stress and worry was actually quite enjoyable and as a result the holiday itself became even more enjoyable as I wasn't wasting time worrying about the flight home.”


I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed the sessions and would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to change their bad habits into good ones. Dave, Sales Manager, Edinburgh and London.

Edinburgh, London

After securing a promotion, I suffered a recurrence of a longstanding and ongoing lack of confidence in my new role which was affecting my performance. After several months, in what I felt was a deteriorating situation, I saw Charles' flyer in a local clinic. After doing a bit of research I thought there was nothing to lose in attending an introductory session. After one session of hypnosis I noticed an improvement in my negative feelings and booked up some more. Coupled with the CD, which I still use regularly, I have found that although I sometimes still feel anxious in situations, I am better able to cope with them and each little success is increasing my resilience. I would recommend hypnosis and Charles for his sensitive approach.


"I honestly never thought I would ever fly again. The phobia I had about flying felt so overwhelming that even thinking about a plane filled me with terror and panic.

After attending a fear of flying course late last year I did not manage to take the flight as the fear took over. I felt such a failure and was even more convinced that I would never be able to fly. I told my friend what had happened on the course and she told me that her Mum had been to see yourself and she was now a fearless flyer.

Hypnosis was not something I had ever considered before and did not think it would work as my fear was so extreme and I had already failed a flying course. I then decided to contact you and you advised me that we would meet maybe three or four times and I would have a date in mind for flying.

On the day I still did not think I would be able to fly but went to the airport anyway as I had nothing to lose. I kept practising the relaxation exercises you had taught me and managed to get on the plane and into my seat. The feeling was amazing when the plane lifted. I had music to listen to during the flight and read my magazine. It was only a short flight but enough to convince me that I could fly again.

I have now booked up for another short flight and I am booked to fly to France in April! I cannot thank you enough for helping me overcome my fear of flying, it feels amazing! I have already recommended you to a colleague who has a fear of flying."


"That’s me now over the year anniversary without smoking. Delighted with the results.

Thanks again, I’m a hypnotherapy convert!"


I still feel very relaxed and am coping so much better with everyday stresses. I have told several people at work about your work


You improve my self-esteem ; are easy to talk too; a good listener with non-judgemental input; an empathic therapist who makes it easy to talk to about anything; I think you are so much more than I can put into words.


To cure my Erectile Dysfunction (ED) the Urologist prescribed Levitra. This brought me totally out of balance and didn't help to make sex with my wife any better. As ED is often supposed to be caused by stress I consulted Charles for a hypnotherapy session. To my great surprise and delight the problem was solved in only one session! One and a half years later and without any chemical intervention I am still happy with my wife. We are both very grateful to Charles because he saved our marriage!

Name Withheld

A friend recommended hypnotherapy to deal with stress due to work which was impacting on all areas of my life - family, weight and sleeping. Initially I was sceptical to hypnotherapy - I attended one of Charles taster sessions, however after a short time I left feeling great. I couldn't wait to start our sessions - I had a further 4/5 weekly sessions and also listened to the cd Charles provided regularly between our sessions. With each week that passed I seen an improvement in my self esteem and happiness.

I've continued to listen to the cd and now feel able to cope with stressful situations at work, I was so impressed with the results I've been sharing the benefits of hypnotherapy with others.


My horse reared, overbalanced and fell on me, before running off and leaving me unconscious on the road. Not surprisingly this led to a complete loss of confidence in my riding ability. I sought help through hypnotherapy with Charles and after 6 sessions, I could get back on my horse and ride out in company. Today, I have not only regained my confidence but feel more relaxed than ever before. I am now able to ride out alone again.


I found the sessions incredibly useful and now frequently use the techniques to enhance aspects of my life, whether that's sleeping, managing stress or achieving my goals. I walked out of every session lighter and de-stressed.


I found the use of self hypnosis that Charles taught me a very useful tool during my recent chemotherapy treatment. It gave me the strength to maintain a positive approach to dealing with the cancer and its treatment. The technique I found most helpful was being able to access my ‘control room’ and often change my thoughts and physical states when required. The nurses in the chemo unit commented on a regular basis about my positive attitude and I am sure this was down to the help I received from Charles.

I still continue to use self hypnosis on a regular basis and would highly recommend it to anyone as a method of relaxation.

Sylvia Brewer
Coupar Angus

My phobia with needles and drips meant that every visit to the hospital was preceded by me being physically sick. Although I knew I had to be there for my husband I knew that he was worrying about me instead of concentrating on looking after himself. By the time I got back home I was both physically and mentally exhausted. After my session with you the improvement was immediate and the following day the trip to the hospital was, although not pleasant, at least easier.


After 21 years of smoking and unsuccessfully trying everything to give up I finally took the brave decision to contact Charles. I am delighted to say that one month on after our 90 minute consultation I am still smoke free and have had no cravings or mad withdrawal symptoms. Charles, thank you so much for this. I only wish I had contacted you years ago!


It was 9 months exactly yesterday that I had my session with you and so far I still haven’t smoked. I can hardly believe it as I’ve never ever managed that length of time in the past when I tried giving up. There was always the cheeky drag of a cigarette now and then on a night out or a sly one out the back door and then all of a sudden I would be back on 10 a day full time. I am delighted to say that this time round I have not had a cigarette near my mouth or even had a drag of one and this I know must surely be down to the hypnosis session I had with you. My next target is the year anniversary and then I will be confident enough to proudly shout that “I am a non – smoker”. I never thought I would get this far and I sincerely thank you for helping me break this awful habit.

Non smoker

I found the sessions incredibly useful and now frequently use the techniques to enhance aspects of my life, whether that's sleeping, managing stress or achieving my goals. I walked out of every session lighter and de-stressed.


Charles helped me to overcome stress and to get more out of life.

Business Owner

After a really bad fall which left me lying unconscious on a road, I completely lost my confidence riding. It got so bad that as soon as I put my foot in the stirrup I began to have palpitations. Common sense would not prevail so I decided to try hypnotherapy. Charles used several techniques including neurolinguistic programming and after one or two sessions I was back in the saddle. After six sessions my confidence is now fully restored and I am enjoying my riding to the full.


I was not expecting any miracles and on attending my first session I was a little sceptical. However, the hypnotherapy sessions have been invaluable and hugely effective enabling me to move forward and once again enjoy life. Charles is an extremely understanding and approachable person, who made me feel at ease from day one.


Charles got to the root of my premature ejaculation, and furthermore, fixed my self-esteem issues.


I suffer from quite serious episodes of anxiety related depression and have done so virtually since childhood. I have tried many treatments medicines etc to relieve the distressing symptoms. I had not tried hypnotherapy so decided to give it a go and contacted Charles. Within a few sessions visiting Charles I feel so much better about life and have more self-confidence and energy


I found the sessions incredibly useful and now frequently use the techniques to enhance aspects of my life, whether that's sleeping, managing stress or achieving my goals. I walked out of every session lighter and de-stressed.