Celebrities use Hypnosis for Weight Loss!

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Celebrities use hypnosis for weight loss. They work hard on their bodies, as their careers often depend on keeping themselves in tip-top shape. Most can control their weight using diet and exercise, but sometimes even celebrities need a little extra help.

Many celebrities have also turned to hypnosis to help them lose unwanted weight. So, if you’ve been considering using hypnosis for weight loss, you are in good company. Here are a few celebrities that I’ve come across in my reading who are rumoured – not all of them admit it – to have used hypnotherapy to control their weight.

Orlando Bloom has spoken of being unhealthy and overweight as a child and has said that his mother sent him to a hypnotherapist to help him regain his health and fitness. Apparently Orlando had an addiction to chocolate. He’s not alone in that! These days he is consistently slim, so apparently hypnotherapy worked well for him.

Lily Allen has been open about her experience with hypnotherapy. Unhappy with her weight, she sought help from hypnotherapy. She lost several dress sizes and gained the motivation to go to the gym to maintain her healthier lifestyle.

Sophie Dahl came to prominence as a plus size model and, at the time, was happy with her weight. Later, she decided she wanted to low weight. Healthy eating and, apparently, hypnotherapy have helped her change her shape to one she is content with. Sophie has maintained her weight for many years, despite having her own cooking show – which would surely be temptation for anybody to snack and eat treats!

Nigella Lawson reputedly used hypnotherapy, as well as training and smaller portions, to help her achieve a trimmer figure.

Geri Halliwell and Sarah Ferguson are also rumored to use hypnotherapy to help her with her weight.

Given that hypnotherapists observe strict confidentiality codes to protect their clients, and that many celebrities prefer the secrets of their appearance to remain secret, there are probably many other celebrities out there who owe their svelte figures to hypnotherapy.

And the opposite… According to a friend quoted in OK! Magazine in January 2013, the Duchess of Cambridge sought help from a hypnotherapist to help her eat while she was pregnant. If it’s true (we never can tell with these ‘friends’), it’s another demonstration of the versatility of hypnotherapy!

Whatever your weight issue, hypnotherapy is an ideal treatment to help you gain the figure you want.

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    Celebrities use Hypnosis for Weight Loss! Celebrities use hypnosis for weight loss. They work hard on their bodies, as their careers often depend on keeping themselves in tip-top shape

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