What to Expect in a Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Session from Charles Whitaker

What to Expect in a Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Session with Charles Whitaker

Every session of hypnotherapy is different, because every client has different needs. Even sessions for the same condition, such as hypnotherapy for anxiety, can be very different, because every individual, and the cause behind every case of anxiety, is unique.

However, the structure of most of my confidential consultations is the same. All the hypnotherapy rooms where I practice, in Edinburgh, Peebles and Moffat in the Borders, have been set up to be comfortable and relaxing spaces. There are no gold watches and no fainting couches! Instead, there are relaxing furnishings and comfortable chairs.

At the start of any first session, I always take a case history. We will talk about any medical issues you may have and what yo are seeking to overcome. The more you can tell me, the easier it will be for me to find the right direction for your consultation, but at no point will my questioning become invasive or uncomfortable for you. My objective is to help you relax and overcome your issues, not to make you feel more uncomfortable.

After we have had this discussion and agreed on a plan of action, the actual process of hypnotherapy will start. I use my voice to guide you gently into a hypnotised state while you relax in your chair. This is a simple and calming process.

The feeling of being hypnotized is very peaceful. It is usually like being in a dreamlike state, or as if you are dozing. It’s an extremely relaxing condition in which time passes very quickly. In most cases, at a first session my aim is to introduce you to the hypnotic state rather than to actively work with your issues, although the hypnotic state is so relaxing that most clients feel immediate benefit even at this first session. This is particularly true if you suffer from anxiety, as being free of your vicious cycle of thoughts and worry, even for a short time, has an immediate positive effect.

In future sessions, my focus is on helping you with your issues and your hypnotherapy sessions will get longer as we engage with these. Hypnotherapy is a highly focused treatment and most clients experience rapid improvement.

If you would like to learn more about hypnotherapy, why not call me for a complementary 15 minute chat in complete confidence about how we can work together to achieve your goal.

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