Experiencing a Panic Attack and What to Do

Experiencing a Panic Attack  and What to Do

Experiencing a panic attack, also known as anxiety attacks, or sometimes panic disorder, can be terrifying and incredibly real. Common symptoms include pain, the feeling of having a heart attack, inability to breathe, sweating, nausea, dizziness, fainting and a strong feeling of loss of control, a feeling of terror or even a feeling that you are dying.

Many of these symptoms are so strong that it’s hardly surprising that you feel that you are experiencing a physical condition such as a heart attack or stroke. The attack can also last a long time – usually between five and twenty minutes. Many sufferers of panic attacks go to casualty or their GP, expecting a serious diagnosis.

The diagnosis of a panic attack can be reassuring – or it can be bewildering. How could you feel like you are dying, and then hear that there is nothing physically wrong? This in itself can cause more anxiety – when will it happen again? Could it be worse a second time? Who can help me? The experience is very traumatic and many people say it’s the worst thing they have ever been through.

It’s easy for somebody who has suffered a panic attack to withdraw, both physically and mentally. You might seek to avoid situations that might potentially be stressful, including work and social activities. Some sufferers choose to remain at home where they feel safe and can develop agoraphobia – a fear of going out.

There is no need to let this fear dominate your life. Like other anxiety-related disorders, panic attacks are very treatable. What’s more, many approaches, such as hypnotherapy for panic attacks, work well within a relatively short space of time, particularly when you are motivated to confront the issues that lie behind the attacks. What to do.

First of all, you should visit your GP to be assessed and properly diagnosed. S/he will be able to offer suggestions about the best way to treat your attacks. There are many different therapies and treatments available.

Hypnotherapy for panic attacks is a highly-focused approach that offers rapid results for most people. Reducing feelings of stress and anxiety are critical in overcoming panic attacks, and hypnotherapy’s relaxing nature makes it an ideal approach. Part of your hypnotherapist’s program may include techniques to handle a panic attack if one occurs outside the therapeutic environment. However, in most cases the underlying cause behind the panic attacks can be resolved, so that these outside techniques are never needed!


  1. Charles Whitaker says

    Simply close the mouth and breath slowly and rhythmically, making the out-breath longer than the in-breath, up to half as long again.

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