Hypnotherapy and ADHD

Hypnotherapy and ADHD

We’re all familiar with the child who can’t sit still, who doesn’t seem to listen, who can’t remember tasks, and is always getting into trouble.

Is this ADHD? Not always. It’s normal for many children to be a bundle of energy. But, if you have a child who is excessively hyperactive and shows a considerable lack of attention compared to kids the same age, to the point where it interferes with normal family and school life, it might be worth visiting a medical practitioner.

ADHD can show itself in different ways. The symptoms can also show differently in boys and girls. Where boys with ADHD will often be boisterous and show poor impulse control, the behaviour most would associate with ADHD, girls with ADHD more prone to daydreaming and lack of organization. There is also ADD, which stands for attention-deficit disorder, without the hyperactivity. It can take longer to diagnose, as the child may sit quietly in class, apparently paying attention, although he or she may not actually be absorbing anything.

Impulse control is at the heart of ADHD and can impact everything a child does. Most children when told not to touch a friend’s toy, may be frustrated, but can usually obey. The ADHD child will go ahead and play with it anyway, without considering the consequences. Similarly, an ADHD child may be found raiding the pantry at night – while a child without ADHD may wake up and feel like a biscuit, he or she can usually resist that impulse. A child with ADHD may not be able to.

Hypnotherapy and ADHD

Medications can be very helpful in ADHD. Therapy is also useful, including meditation. And hypnotherapy for ADHD can also help sufferers.

ADHD often comes with anxiety and self-esteem issues. It’s hard not to notice that people think you are different, and that your behaviour – which you can’t help – can causes problems and unhappiness around you. Children are very sensitive, and having ADHD does not take that sensitivity away.

With its emphasis on relaxation, hypnotherapy can help the tense child with ADHD by taking away some of the stress of daily life with the condition. It can also help alleviate anxiety and build self-esteem. ADHD also often causes sleep problems and this is another problem hypnotherapy can help with.

As a natural approach, hypnotherapy can be used on its own for ADHD, or it can be used to complement drug treatments.

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