How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Beat Your Phobias

If you suffer, or have ever suffered, from a phobia, or know somebody who has, then you will know that phobias can be life-destroying.

  • Never going on holiday, because of your fear of flying.
  • Never leaving the house, because of your fear of crowds or open spaces.
  • Never enjoying a beautiful view because of your fear of heights.

Even more seriously, some people develop rituals and habits to avoid encountering their fear – rituals and habits that come to prevent them from living normal lives.

The bad news is that phobias seldom go away on their own – in fact, they tend to worsen. The good news is that there is a solution.

Hypnotherapy is the ideal way to manage phobias

Phobias are derived from a survival instinct that often serves us well. However, in the case of phobias this instinct has grown out of control.

You may not even remember why you are afraid of spiders, heights or enclosed spaces, but it doesn’t mean your symptoms are any less real. The fear can be overwhelming and can include physical symptoms, such as trembling, sweating, rapid heartbeat, dizziness or fainting, palpitations and nausea

Because phobias derive from your unconscious, hypnotherapy, which targets the unconscious, is extraordinarily effective.

How does hypnotherapy work for phobias?

When you work with a clinical hypnotherapist, he or she will guide you into a pleasant, relaxed state.

You will be conscious, but relaxed.

This state is not unlike how you feel when you drift off to sleep or daydream. While you relax, a hypnotherapist can work with your unconscious to identify and neutralise the trigger for your phobia.

Essentially, your hypnotherapist redirects your own internal resources to overcome negativity and unwanted fears.

Quick and long term

Hypnotherapy is ‘resolution-driven’ – it is a treatment focused on specific results. This means that results are quick, with most phobia sufferers experiencing significant improvement within two or three sessions.

Results may be fast, but they are also enduring – in many cases permanent.

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