How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Control Your Weight

Weight control is a huge issue for many people – particularly in spring and summer when the skimpy summer clothes creep out of the back of the wardrobe.

The good news is hypnotherapy can help.

Being overweight is dangerous

Losing weight is notoriously difficult, but the consequences of being overweight include serious medical problems such as cardiovascular disease, degenerative joint disease, diabetes and stroke, as well as general unhappiness.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss – as used by celebrities

The good news is hypnotherapy can help. And you’ll be in good company – many celebrities, including Nigella Lawson and Sophie Dahl, are on record as having used hypnotherapy to control their weight.

Get to the the root of your issues

Often issues with weight can derive from a pattern of thinking that you may not even be aware of. Comfort eating is just one example of how your mind can drive you to eat more. You feel unhappy, you eat something that tastes good, you feel better – and over time this develops into a repeated pattern and you reach for the ice cream carton every time you are unhappy. Comfort eating is a very simple example – there are many more complex motivations behind overeating, or unhealthy heating.

Your hypnotherapist will work with you to tease out your own issues and then help you to overcome them with more positive thinking.

A healthier attitude to food

Your clinical hypnotherapist will guide you into a state in which you are conscious, but relaxed. While you relax, your hypnotherapist works with your unconscious to identify the emotional patterns that lie behind your attitude to food. Then your therapist can help to redirect your thinking into healthier channels.

Hypnotherapy is focused on specific results – in this case giving you a healthier attitude towards eating. This highly specific approach means that you will quickly have more control over your eating.

While actually losing weight will take longer, over time you will find that your healthier attitude shows in your body. This change in attitude should be long term, probably even permanent.

Dieting simply doesn’t work for most of us

Excessive weight is a cause of deep misery for untold numbers of people. Not only is it unhealthy, it simply makes people feel bad about themselves. Dieting is miserable, and often doesn’t help – it’s estimated that 95% of people who diet ultimately gain weight.

Hypnotherapy works on your state of mind and your attitude towards food. That makes it incredibly effective – by changing how you think about food you lose weight simply and naturally.

And the weight stays off!

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