Hypnotherapy Can Help Overcome the Trauma of Abuse

Hypnotherapy can help overcome the trauma of abuse

Abuse destroys lives. Many people who have suffered abuse find it difficult to move on. While the physical damage heals, the mental damage endures.

Childhood abuse is often one of the most challenging to overcome as this abuse is often perpetrated by the very people a child should be able to trust and depend on. This can cause the sufferer to find it difficult to place their trust in anybody as they grow into adulthood. Shame and self-blame are also part of the lasting emotional damage.

Lasting effects of abuse

As an adult, a victim of childhood abuse may suffer flashbacks, nightmares, hallucinations, depression, guilt, fear and self-doubt, as well as distrust, sexual problems and relationship difficulties. Often self-blame is a strong and particularly upsetting emotion – the adult self blames their child self for allowing the abuse to happen, when, in fact, they are a helpless victim.

It’s difficult to let go of the past, and the ultimate result is that it dominates the present.

It’s so important to seek help to deal with this. You can overcome your past, and there are many services, such as sexual abuse counselling, that can help you do so. Consulting your doctor or a social worker is an important step, as these specialists are highly experienced and will be able to link you with the resources you need to help you.

Hypnotherapy can help overcome the trauma of abuse

Hypnotherapy is one resource that can help overcome the mental trauma of abuse. A hypnotherapist can show you that you did not deserve to be mistreated. You were not responsible and can release the guilt and pain.

When you choose hypnotherapy to help you, you won’t have to discuss your experiences in depth. Hypnotherapy’s approach helps relieve you of the burden of the past so you can live more easily in the present. You will feel more caring about yourself, and also safer, able to move forward in life.

While you are working with your hypnotherapist, you will enter into a trance-state, which is relaxing, and naturally dissociates you from your experiences. While you are in this relaxed state, your hypnotherapist can access your unconscious and gently heal the painful memories that have been with you for years and years. Over a course of several sessions you should find that your mental scars are healing and your suffering is dissipating.

Hypnotherapy can give you the peace that you crave from your memories of abuse. It can release the past and give you peace of mind so you can go forward with your life in contentment.

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