Hypnotherapy for a Healthier Workplace

Hypnotherapy for a Healthier Workplace

One of the most important things anybody can do for their health is to stop smoking. Unfortunately it’s not easy to do.

Help your staff stop smoking – together!

Doing anything as a group reinforces its effectiveness, especially when it comes to stopping something as habit-forming as smoking.  That’s why I offer a hypnotherapy group course for businesses that would like to help their staff stop smoking.

Combining the effectiveness of hypnotherapy with a support group that going through the same thing and is around every working day is an unbeatable combination.

Stop smoking in two and half hours!

Hypnotherapy is the ideal treatment to stop smoking. A single two-and-a-half hour workshop is enough. No patches, no complications – you and your colleagues simply won’t feel like smoking any more.

Just in case, I leave you with a complimentary CD for every member of your group, to reinforce the treatment if necessary – but most of my clients say they don’t need it!

Healthier, happier, no-smoking colleagues

After the course, your colleagues will be healthier – and happier, because there are few smokers that don’t secretly wish they could be free of the habit.  Not to mention the working time you will win back when your staff no longer needs to take smoke breaks every couple of hours (or more!).

A good investment

Helping people stop smoking is a real gift. You are taking away an addiction that is extremely harmful, both to your staff as individuals – and to your business.  Start now! Contact me now to find out more about how this quick course can help you and your business!

Individual sessions to stop smoking

 I also offer individual sessions to help you stop smoking. Similarly to the group course, one session is usually sufficient and post-session CDs are included for after support.

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