Hypnotherapy in the Worldwide News

Hypnotherapy in the Worldwide News. A round up of some recent news stories featuring hypnotherapy!

Lots of celebrities have been talking recently in the media about how hypnotherapy has helped them overcome various issues. A couple of examples are below, plus how an endurance runner use hypnotherapy and an interesting introduction to hypnotherapy story from the LA Times.

Overcoming a Fear of Water with Hypnosis

How would you feel about standing on a diving board looking down at the deep end of a swimming pool – when you have a fear of water? Hollyoaks star Gemma Merna suffered from panic attacks while training for the ITV diving show ‘Splash!’, because it brought back memories of a childhood incident when she nearly drowned. She consulted a hypnotherapist to help her overcome the fear so she could take part in the show. She overcame her fear – but not the judges and was the first voted out of the show.

Using Hypnosis in Endurance Running

According to a story in the Herald Scotland, endurance runner William Sichel credits hypnosis with helping him succeed in his challenging event. He uses self-hypnosis to help cope with fatigue and keep going during extreme races. During a recent 6-day race in the deserts of Arizona, he listened to hypnosis courses on his MP3 player while he ran. Not only did he complete the race, but he finished fourth overall and first in his age group of men aged 60-65 – set a new world record for his age group.

Hypnotherapy can be Life-changing

Actress Hetty Baynes, who has appeared in ‘Footballers’ Wives’ and ‘A Touch of Frost’, as well as on stage, recently told the Express how hypnotherapy helped her ‘conquer her demons’.  Hetty suffered from anxiety from a very young age and also struggled with depression and eating disorders as an adult. Despite years of therapy, the problems continued to plague her, particularly after the end of her marriage to film director Ken Russell. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that Hetty contacted a hypnotherapist. With her help, Hetty found she could focus on the positives, rather than the negatives, and finally learn how to take her life forward. She now says she is happier than she has been for years.

The LA Times on Hypnotherapy

The LA Times recently featured a detailed story on hypnotherapy and some of its applications, including for chemotherapy patients, sufferers from depression and anxiety, people seeking to lose weight and sportsmen who want to improve. Read the full story here: http://www.latimes.com/science/la-he-hypnosis-20131130,0,671237.story#axzz2m9DCORSs

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