Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy

Past life regression therapy pops up in the media occasionally – even on Oprah. But what does it really mean and who is it for?

Serious therapeutic technique

Past life regression therapy isn’t just a party trick; a chance to retreat to Austenland or discover your royal past – it’s a serious therapeutic technique that can help resolve problems in your life.

Theories about past life regression

There are plenty of theories about past life regression. Some believe memories of our previous lives are encoded in our genetic make up. Others follow Jung’s belief that there is a part of the unconscious shared by all of us that regression can help us access. Still others believe in reincarnation. And some believe that past life regression is a type of dissociative experience, in which people create a life in which they can safely deal with problems.

Whatever theory you follow, there is no denying that uncovering what has happened to you in a past life can influence your current life in a positive way

The root of a problem may be found in a past life

Some people already believe they have lived past lives – and that the roots of a problem they are currently experiencing may be found in a past life. On other occasions, I may identify past life regression therapy as a potential solution to your issues, especially if a problem seems difficult to solve

Not frightening

Experiencing a past life is not frightening. I gently guide you into a relaxed state where you may experience a past life. We explore important events in that life, and the moment of death. During the process, we take the opportunity to heal the body and the past life. Or we can sever ties to that life, if appropriate

Most people feel lighter and freer after post life regression. If we have accessed the correct life – there are several – and addressed the issues arising from it, the problem you came to me for should fade away. Or you may find that something in your life that didn’t make sense before makes sense now – and can be dealt with

Past life regression therapy should be taken seriously

Past life regression therapy is something that should be taken seriously – it’s not for history ‘tourists’. It’s a genuine and profound experience. Sometimes the experiences that are recovered are difficult, which is why past life regression should be taken seriously.

Before regression, I often help people build their strength so they are able to handle what is uncovered. And afterwards, it’s very important to be re-oriented in your current life, feeling you have left that past life in a better way, or that it can no longer influence you.

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