Overcome panic attacks with hypnotherapy

Don’t Panic Over Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are an abrupt onset of a sense of overwhelming anxiety and terror. These feelings can be so strong that some people report they feel like they are dying, due to the extreme physical symptoms.


The symptoms of a panic attack, including chest pain, breathing problems and palpitations, can mimic a heart attack so strongly that many people seek help from a doctor or the hospital. Less dramatic, but no less uncomfortable symptoms can include nausea, dizziness, trembling, numbness and sweating. Most disturbing of all to some people is the sense of surreal detachment that often accompanies a panic attack – a feeling that you are not really part of the world around you.

Panic attacks can be unpredictable. They strike out of the blue, which, if they are frequent, can make it very hard to manage your every day life. The duration of panic attacks is also disturbing – they start suddenly and can last for anywhere between five to twenty minutes, sometimes even longer.

Is this you?

One in ten people will have a panic attack at some point. Many of these will only experience one or two episodes and then have no further trouble. However, one in one hundred people will develop a panic disorder, suffering from repeated attacks. In the most severe cases, people become afraid to live their normal lives and may become housebound as they attempt to avoid triggers for panic attacks, or simply the possibility of having a panic attack in a public place with no route for escape or help available.

Panic attacks generally have their roots in anxiety or extreme stress. Often their commencement can be traced back to a stressful or traumatic experience. Brain chemistry and genetics also seem to be involved – it’s possible that a tendency toward panic attacks can run in a family.

What to do.

If you have panic attacks, you should visit a doctor to be sure that there are no medical reasons causing your symptoms.

If there is no evident physical cause, then hypnotherapy is a very effective, and quick-working, strategy. The deep relaxation of hypnotherapy reduces the underlying tension that can trigger attacks, from the very first session. I can teach you how to reduce stress and anxiety, and how to control a panic attack should one occur.

The increase in your confidence reduces attacks and gives you your life back!

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