What to expect in a hypnotherapy session

What to expect in a hypnotherapy session

While every session is different, depending on the individual and the issues we are dealing with, I can outline a typical session to give you some guidance on what to expect in a hypnotherapy session.

All my offices, hypnotherapy Edinburgh and both hypnotherapy Borders locations, are private and tranquil.

I offer free ‘taster sessions’, lasting about 30 minutes, at which we briefly discuss the issues you are confronting and what hypnotherapy might be able to do to help you as well as giving you a brief experience of hypnosis. Let’s say you’ve been to one of these sessions and have now returned for your first full-length appointment.

The first thing I will do, will be to take a detailed case history. It is important that we both understand the issues, their background and how we plan to resolve them.

This is not an intensive or intimidating experience, however. We will both be sitting in comfortable chairs and the conversation will be more of a discussion than a question-and-answer session. My aim is for you to feel relaxed from the start – even before formal hypnotherapy begins!

Once we have established a plan of action, and you are feeling comfortable, I will hypnotise you for the first time. You will not have to lie on a couch and I will not dangle a gold watch before your eyes! I will simply ask you to relax in your chair and bring you gently into a hypnotised state using my voice.

You are likley to feel extremely peaceful as if in a semi-sleep, a little as if you are dreaming. You will find that time passes very quickly while you are in this condition. In most cases in this first session, my main purpose will be to relax you and introduce you to the experience of hypnosis, rather than immediately working on your issues – although, depending on the issue to be dealt with, I may take some introductory steps.

I will wake you up gently. Even if we have not addressed your issues in any formal way in this first session, the experience of hypnosis itself is so profoundly relaxing that my clients leave already feeling that even this one brief experience has been of benefit. Stress is a significant part of most conditions, physical and mental, and even one short session can immediately start to alleviate this.

Actual hypnotherapy will take up a greater proportion of further sessions as we progress in treating your issues.

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