Why Hypnotherapy is Such an Effective Approach for Anxiety

Why Hypnotherapy is Such an Effective Approach for Anxiety

It’s one of the ironies for anxiety sufferers that even the thought of seeking treatment for the condition can make them anxious. But anxiety is a very treatable condition and there are many types of program to choose from.

One very effective approach to anxiety is hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy’s great advantage for anxiety sufferers lies in its ability to relax you. While your therapist will want to discuss your anxiety, and any reasons behind it that you can pinpoint, even from the very first treatment the focus is on calming and relaxing you.

Any moment of relaxation or calm immediately benefits an anxiety sufferer. When you have worrisome thoughts circling in your head almost every hour of the day, any time that you are free of those thoughts offers great relief.

With hypnotherapy, the treatment itself is relaxing. A session begins with a conversation about how you have been feeling and how your anxiety has affected you in the preceding week (most of my clients choose weekly sessions). These conversations are not designed to reawaken the feelings of anxiety, but to identify how severely it is interfering with your daily life. The majority of the session is taken up with the hypnotherapy itself and tools and techniques to put you in charge.

When you come to me with anxiety, I use hypnotherapy techniques that create a deep relaxation in both mind and body. When you awaken from the hypnotic state, you will feel a far greater sense of relaxation and peace than when you walked into my rooms only an hour or so earlier.

The positive effects of the treatment last longer than the treatment itself. Most anxiety sufferers report that at least some of this sense of relaxation lasts until their next session. The effects get stronger with ever session, and as you progress we will also start to look at your lifestyle to see how we can make changes to relieve your stress.

For example, some of my clients have found that when they feel stronger after a few treatments, it’s easier to change priorities and commitments into something that suits them better. Others discover that finding time for more exercise makes a difference. And some develop that all-important ability to say ‘no’ when they are feeling overloaded.

Hypnotherapy can help you develop all these skills, because when you are in the relaxed hypnotic state, you are more open to suggestions than usual. This approach can break habits that contribute to your anxiety, such as unhealthy behaviours or making automatic responses to questions and demands that do not necessarily result in what you need.

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