Phobias, Anxiety and Hypnotherapy

Phobias are one of the most common conditions treated by hypnotherapists. Phobias are an anxiety disorder, but an anxiety disorder that is highly specific in its manifestation. A phobia is a fear that has grown so strong as to become irrational. Some of the most common phobias concern quite everyday objects. Fear of spiders, fear of heights, … [Read more...]

What to expect in a hypnotherapy session

While every session is different, depending on the individual and the issues we are dealing with, I can outline a typical session to give you some guidance on what to expect in a hypnotherapy session. All my offices, hypnotherapy Edinburgh and both hypnotherapy Borders locations, are private and tranquil. I offer free ‘taster sessions’, … [Read more...]

How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Beat Your Phobias

If you suffer, or have ever suffered, from a phobia, or know somebody who has, then you will know that phobias can be life-destroying. Never going on holiday, because of your fear of flying. Never leaving the house, because of your fear of crowds or open spaces. Never enjoying a beautiful view because of your fear of heights. Even more … [Read more...]