Some Day-to-Day Strategies to Help You Deal with Anxiety

I’m sure I don’t need to even say that if you experience anxiety, please seek treatment or support. But what do you do while you’re waiting for the treatment to take effect, or to find out which strategy, such as hypnotherapy for anxiety, will be the best approach for you? Here are a few tried-and-tested activities that many anxiety sufferers … [Read more...]

What to expect in a hypnotherapy session

While every session is different, depending on the individual and the issues we are dealing with, I can outline a typical session to give you some guidance on what to expect in a hypnotherapy session. All my offices, hypnotherapy Edinburgh and both hypnotherapy Borders locations, are private and tranquil. I offer free ‘taster sessions’, … [Read more...]

Celebrities use Hypnosis for Weight Loss!

Celebrities use hypnosis for weight loss. They work hard on their bodies, as their careers often depend on keeping themselves in tip-top shape. Most can control their weight using diet and exercise, but sometimes even celebrities need a little extra help. Many celebrities have also turned to hypnosis to help them lose unwanted weight. So, if … [Read more...]

How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Control Your Weight

Weight control is a huge issue for many people - particularly in spring and summer when the skimpy summer clothes creep out of the back of the wardrobe. The good news is hypnotherapy can help. … [Read more...]