Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

Stop smoking with hypnosis

 One of the most addictive habits that can be stopped surprisingly easily with hypnotherapy is smoking. Can you believe that a habit that may have dogged you for many years can be stopped in a single session of hypnotherapy? Well, it can! Stop smoking with hypnosis.

Many smokers have tried hopelessly for years to give up. Are you one of them? Perhaps you’ve tried using nicotine patches or gum, which are expensive, and still put nicotine in your body. Or you’ve tried replacing cigarettes with substitutes like sweets – better for your lungs, but still not particularly healthy for your body. Or perhaps you’ve tried stopping cold turkey – which can be tortuous for a while as your body gets used to having the crutch of nicotine abruptly removed. None of these approaches are ideal – and they are not always effective, particularly in the longer term.

Smokers like you are astonished when I tell them that it’s possible to stop smoking with as little as one session of hypnotherapy.  And without the uncomfortable side effects like cravings, weight gain or withdrawal symptoms.

It is important to be ready to stop smoking and to have the willpower to commit to a smoke-free lifestyle. If you are not committed to stopping smoking, the treatment will not be as effective. However, in this case, a series of sessions to explore the reasons behind your smoking and build up your motivation to stop can help you to get ready.

But, for the majority who are committed to stopping, a single hypnotherapy session is enough! At the beginning of the session, we will discuss why you smoke, how long you have been smoking and why you want to stop. I can also answer any questions you have. Then we will begin the hypnotherapy that will free you from your smoking addiction. I also used a technique called ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’ to complement the hypnotherapy. Together they are incredibly effective in stopping you from smoking.

By the end of the session, you simply will not feel like smoking. You won’t feel like you are missing anything. Your desire to smoke will be gone. You won’t need to avoid triggers or use substitutes like food or patches.

The effects of this single session should be permanent – you won’t want to start smoking ever again. To help support you after our session in the event of temptation I will give you a free CD to listen to if you ever need it – but most of my clients never need it!

For help with smoking please contact me on 07973 829 874 or at charles@hypnotherapyweb.co.uk

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