Tools Used By Top Performers to Stay Calm and Focused


5 Tools Used By Top Performers to Stay Calm and Focused

If you’re looking to be a top performer at work but you’re finding yourself held back by not being able to get a full grip on your emotions, read on.

Being able to remain calm and manage your emotions is something that up to 90% of top performers are capable of. What’s surprising is the fact that all humans require some type of stress in order to take any type of action. Just as long as the stress isn’t prolonged and not at a level where we cannot operate at all, it really is quite harmless to us.

To gain the best performance it’s important to control stressors and ensure that they are not prolonged. Here are the top 5 tools that top performers can use to do this. Although some of the following list may seem obvious to you, the trick is knowing when to use them – even when under pressure.


Not only can taking time to recognise and appreciate what you have done works wonders to improve your mood, it can lower cortisol by up to 23%. Those who actively work on cultivating an attitude of gratitude enjoy better moods, energy and overall wellbeing.

Avoid ‘What If’s

The ‘what if’ is a dangerous thing and can set off a long stream of worry and stress. Of course, there are a million different negative endings to any situation, but putting a focus on these can result in a barrage of stress to contend with. Calm people know not to ask themselves ‘what if’ as it will often lead them to a place that won’t help.

Stay Positive

By keeping positive, it’s possible to keep your brain in a stress-free zone. If you find your brain wandering, get it back on track by picking something positive to think about as this will refocus your attention. When things aren’t going so well, it’s more of a challenge to do, but give it a jumpstart by reflecting on something enjoyable from the last week.

Caffeine Limitations

Drinking caffeine can increase the release of the hormone known as adrenaline. As the source of the ‘fight or flight’ response, adrenaline is not useful in most day to day situations. It’s better employed for situations such as being chased by a bear. The trouble with caffeine is that it can release enough to put your body into a state of high panic where your emotions can end up being in control of your behaviour.


Sleep is very, very important when it comes to stress. It’s what allows your brain to recharge and it can put you into an alert and clear-headed state. Without enough sleep, you can have raised stress hormone levels and the result can be reduced self-control and attention.

By using the above tools, you can gain a better control over your response to stressors and therefore your performance. Before you know it, you’ll be climbing the ladder of success at work.


Charles Whitaker B.Sc., Ph.D., F.Inst.L.M., P.D.C.Hyp.

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